1. Planning, in concert with general management and internal resources, business objectives and operating strategies;
  2. Selecting the most suitable methods to achieve the company’s objectives;
  3. Monitoring the relevant market and analysing competitors’ activities by mapping and scouting the relevant market;
  4. Actively engaging in and following up on promoting the services we offer;
  5. Implementing the company’s client base;
  6. Developing new public relations channels and boosting the pre-existing ones;
  7. Managing business relations aimed at acquiring new clients;
  8. Independently building new relations and managing new potential clients: from the project scouting phase up to the company’s presentation;
  9. Participating in preparing bids;
  10. Negotiating contracts during the marketing phase;
  11. Being involved in defining project feasibility and in identifying any criticalities, subsequently analysing and planning alternative solutions;
  12. Cultivating solid business relationships with existing clients;



  1. A degree in Marketing, Sales and/or Communications is required; A master in Sales and/or training experience in Architecture are preferred; 
  2. Keen people skills;
  3. Independent in developing set objectives, consistent with the required level of experience;
  4. Aptitude for objective-based work both as a team and independently, in a dynamic milieu;
  5. Aptitude for teamwork;
  6. Reliability, meticulousness, consistency, and speed;
  7. Drive for the company’s and personal growth;
  8. Passionate about the world of architecture;
  1. Professional experience abroad preferred;
  • Presence in Milan.


    At Global Planning Architecture you’ll find a young and stimulating team and an environment that offers potential for personal and professional growth.
    Office presence in down-town Milan (Crocetta) is required, remote working is possible. Job classification and salary proportionate to the candidate’s experience and skills;