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An introduction to our design philosophy.


In any professional context and in any organisation that aims for excellence, now more than ever before has the importance of fundamental work values been emerging for the individual’s

and the team’s professional growth.


Respecting these principles has fundamental importance for Global Planning Architecture. Affirming and publicly sharing one’s values means validating one’s corporate philosophy and acting to fully appreciate the needs of our clients and associates. How? Through innovative processes that find a guide in a unique, broad concept: reclamation. This mindset is the foundation stone that brings together how we handle relations and translates into our research of ideas and how we build projects.
A goal learned and conveyed by Giuliano Azzinari himself, architect and founder of Global Planning Architecture. But what does “reclamation” mean, in a practical sense?


The meaning of this concept draws on the wealth of personal and collective experiences, passed on from one generation to another and informed by the most essential values in life.
After drawing inspiration from the world and its beauty, returning to it what we have been taught and given becomes a process (not a natural one, but a strongly recommended one).


In this vein, at the core of our professional activity, Global Planning Architecture’s mission becomes multifarious: infusing an analytical, shared conscience through the reality of buildings and helping clients see their efforts pay off. Touching with their own hands the result of their investments, consequently reclaiming a positive return.

Thanks to this approach, the firm’s work, and in turn of the entire architecture industry, takes on a more authentic and profound dimension, which translates into higher regard for its professionals, ultimately.


This isn’t merely designing and giving life to a design that reflects ambition, but also building places and spaces capable of understanding and achieving the motivations of people who decide to cooperate with and share our philosophy. A world where work becomes an integral part of life and its expression. A weave where these two facets interact, generating growth capable of involving intangible elements such as passion, hospitality, and listening; and tangible ones, as tangible as can be:
bricks, wood, steel.


A result that turns into an authentic style that removes certainties and preconceived notions, to become apparent in the consequences of a journey we embark on with the owners, taking every step by their side. This goal is made possible thanks to a multidisciplinary working method, which joins technical expertise and soft skills, a constant search for talent, creativity, and sources of inspiration. People who see architecture as an artistic exercise, exclusively aimed at the designer’s expression and gratification, can only focus on one discipline alone. Conversely, people who see architecture as an instrument to achieve common objectives must necessarily open up their views to new things.

Only in this way can we create long-lasting value for any type of client, who perceives the project especially as an effective leverage to achieve their own business goals.


Global Planning Architecture’s world and its architectural representation is based on varying levels of relation and interpretation: on the talent of architects and designers, but also on the knowledge of managers, marketing and communication professionals, on sociological contributions, and sustainability and profit analyses.
A multi-faceted approach to always respect the intention, the desires, and the emotional charge of the person who commissions a project.
Interacting with the variety and uniqueness of human nature, the creation of a cohesive and multi-potential team means being capable of generating an empathetic contact and an adequate response, pursuing the purpose of reclaiming a value that can be measured in emotions rather than in growth and affirmation.
A notion of architecture immersed in the world that conceives it and that reclaims for itself a new humanities-centred imprint, where business returns to the greatest and most gratifying truth: anything that aspires to the truth is made up of people, and by people.

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